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Here she is in all her,,,, dirt?
1989 Plymoth Voyager SE "turbo" automatic 112,000M

hope you werent expecting much..
The stuff on the ground is some of the interior panels i removed. i was working on getting the motor right , and gutting it at the same time. I had the rear end jacked up to get the spare and jack off the i needed to let this thing know who is boss!.
This is the whole reason i own the Golden Gilded TURD. god bless vin number "J"
the 8th digit of the vin number is J denoting the 2.5 turbo motor. i will leave this sticker for the keen eyed racers.. maybee they will head the warning..
ahh turbo know i kinda feel sorry for this motor.
from here you can see the new Taylor wires. the cap , and the non A/C alternator bracket. also you can see the timing belt cover is broken in the front.. that didnt bother me untill i droped a socket down on the timing sprocket.( that rymed) . the motor isn't too dirty considering the mileage and that is has been sitting for 2 years..
Say Good bye plush comfy chrysler interior..
dont under estimate the time it took to get to this point.. we are talkign hours.. everthing was unbolted and pryed out.. you can't see the lift gate that has been taken down to metal.. right now i'm looking into making a lexan or plexiglass back is a interesting curve to produce, and it will be hard to hide the fact that it isnt stock glass...
it would kill the sleeper image and get way to much attention if you could see that it was gutted and stripped to the bone. i suck and doing tint jobs. i dont want to pay soembody to do it.. so what is a guy to do.. $.98 a can flat black primer?.. cant beat it.. you can also see where i was stripping the wiring system. removing the wires i wont be needing . like the radio speaker wires, rear window wiper and rear window washer. the rear window opener's the rear interior light wires. all this stuff costs me weight and ET. it must go, NOW..
try my new diet. SlimREALLYFast.
okay i know it looks like there isnt much left. but you ahve to remember. this is stage 1 gutting.. stage two involved a RYOBI 4 inch grinder and a cut off wheel.. im sure i can get 10-20lbs off this side.all it is is sheetmetal.. if i can figure out how to get some plexiglass or lexan in the factory holes cheaply i should save a ton of weight.. looks good for now though..
There are two ways to see this.
1:) wow he has remvoed alot of stuff,, not really
the window motor weighs more than the panel i
removed.. this is only stage one. what i could
unbolt or remove easily.look i havent even
gotten to the dash stuff in the pic..

2:) you aint done nothing,, i know.. pretty soon
i will make the window go up and down using a
nylon strap and a large snap button.. snap the
button on the top, the wondow slides down. snap
the button on the bottom of the door. and you
pull the window up. Just wait till i get a cut
off wheel to it..Texas MINIVAN Masacre.

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